About Fabric Lock

Hello – I’m Robin Greve,
I’ve been a quilter for over 40 years and always strive to create the best quilts that I can. The ideal quilt should have work and stitching that is crisp and precise and we can all achieve that now with Fabric Lock.

We need the quilt blocks to be true to size and easy to work with. The first answer I found to this problem was to use starch. But this technique definitely has drawbacks – scorching, aerosol overspray and handling caused stretched and fraying edges, not forgetting the iron soleplate build-up!

But now we have Fabric Lock, a liquid stabilizer. It is biodegradable, washes out completely and doesn’t yellow if you choose to leave it in. It will not gum up your needle or feed dogs. This starch alternative is such a massive game changer and I cannot say enough about how it will alter your quilting, sewing and embroidery skills.

I hope you are as excited to start using Fabric Lock as I was. Once you have tried my starch alternative, you will never look back and the standard of your work will rise dramatically, not forgetting the ease and stress-free sewing that comes with using this product.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments about using this liquid stabilizer. I would love to hear about or see your results using my Fabric Lock.