How to use Fabric Lock

To Improve your Quilting and Crafting Skills

  1. Set iron on the appropriate temperature for the fabric being used. Warm ironing pad surface. Lay pre-washed fabric over the warm surface and iron to flatten out. Lightly spray with Fabric Lock from 8″ away from fabric.
  2. Let the Fabric Lock absorb into the fibers about 10 seconds. The warmer the fabric the faster it will absorb.
  3. So lightly iron dry, without stretching the fabric(Hold the weight of the iron for the first few passes) .
  4. When the fabric is completely dry, let it COOL (very important). Lift the fabric to determine if more sprays are needed.
  5. Repeat this process as necessary. Two times more is enough for embroidery. One time is good for piecing and quilt top before quilting.
  • When working with chiffon/silky fabrics or knits like fleece and minky-type fabrics, saturate the fabric and either hang or lay flat to dry completely.
  • For tee-shirt quilts you can eliminate the iron-on interfacing. Cut oversize pieces from the tees, dampen well and hang to dry to 90%. Lay a pressing cloth over the smoothed jersey fabric and press dry from the back side. COOL. Give the shirt another spray if necessary, let absorb and iron dry. COOL.

For woven fabrics, pre-washing works best. This will get rid of any excess chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Fabric Lock can also be used as a basting spray.

  • 1.You will lay your backing on a waterproof surface, right side down. Lay the batting over backing, centering it.
  • 2. Fold back half of the batting and spray liberally, lay back down and repeat for the other half. Smooth down with your hands.
  • 3. Now lay the quilt top over the batting and carefully center. It’s a good idea to set a weight on one half so while lifting the other half to spray the batting, it will stay in place. Carefully lay down the top and smooth with your hands again.
  • 4. Repeat for the second side. Remove the weights and leave to dry completely.